A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim”

Set out the Road Map

Developing and implementing a strategy requires vision, commitment, drive, flexibility and an overarching ability to see the bigger picture. It is neither a science or an art – but requires the abilities to rise to a challenge and accomplish goals and objectives by applying experience, vision, knowledge, creativity and technical capability cultivated over the medium to long term.

The Strategic Cycle is an approach to Strategic Management that combines strategic logic – via detailed reviews, plans and identification of objectives, through an aesthetic, interpretative and creative process to bring the strategy to life.  



Messenger Marketing : System Automation

The 2m-Auto-Bot system is based on the Messenger communication platform, and its prime objective is to provide an automated lead generation, customer engagement, communication and auto-sales generation tool.

The system is based on the creation of bespoke automated communication and user engagement BOTS, operating within the Messenger interface, providing instant responses, Q+A functionality and capability with a means to capture, manage, tag and segment prospects. This enables the business to build user groups and segments, with the objective of then developing targeted marketing strategies that may include discounts, offers, exclusive product, technical support, advice and deep user engagement. The system helps to build the profile of the specific users and customers, thereby giving the business the information and market intelligence to address the specific needs of its customer base.

With the Facebook and Messenger platforms having over 2 billion active users, worldwide, this automated communication tool, that supports lead generation and the sales process, is an invaluable asset to any business.

The system works in the B2B and B2C marketplace, and provides a fully automated, 24/7, 365, system that engages with existing customers and new prospects.

When compared with traditional e-mail campaigns, the Messenger platform can deliver improved performance and effectiveness, at scales, potentially, of x45 over the performance delivered by email marketing campaigns.

With these levels of performance, operating on an automated system, the value to business is demonstrable.


Risk Management

The Value of Information

Risk Management

Risk taking in business is inevitable as Strategic Planning and Project Implementation are enables of change – and change induces uncertainty and hence risk.

Risk Management should be systematic and not based on chance. It is about pro-active identification, assessment and control of risks that may affect the delivery of the business or project objectives.

2m-pmc have the capability to work with Clients in the review and management of their Corporate, Business Case and Project Risks. 2m-pmc will assess and review the strategic plan, or business proposal identify risks and using leading applications, proven processes and our extensive experience, provide impact and assessment outputs.


Project Management

Planning for Success

Once a robust business case and a project execution strategy is in place, 2m-pmc provide a comprehensive, integrated Project Management capability.

We focus on ensuring that the business case remains valid and that the primary elements of the change are clearly identified, agreed and communicated.

Key areas include;-

  • Scope
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Schedule
  • Risk
  • Realisation of Benefits

Every project needs effective Direction, Management, Control and Communication. 2m-pmc provides an effective structure and strategy at the very beginning and maintains this throughout the full project life cycle.


B2B – Common Vision

Partnerships deliver Results

Our people have worked with businesses across the full spectrum of large-scale international corporations and SME [Small to Medium Enterprises].

We have played leading roles in Strategic plans, market development, new product and services and Research & Development projects.

Success in reducing CapEx funding requirements and optimising the execution and implementation of large scale and complex multi-discipline projects ensured that the Clients and Investors secured maximum returns on their investment.

2m-pmc continues to support the business in the development of a detailed and viable business case and provides critical project management support to maintain focus on the objectives and to ensure that the………

… benefits are delivered.

2m-pmc – your Strategic Partner in your Strategy Planning