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2m-pmc : Management Consultants - Strategic Planning 2m-pmc - Management Consultants
2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Project Management 2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Project Management



2m-pmc core functions involve all elements of a strategic plan and project lifecycle.

Commencing with an initial idea or corporate vision, 2m-pmc provide invaluable support through the creation and development of the strategic plan and verification of the Business Case through the project management of the implementation and operational phase.

Our extensive experience across a range of industries and businesses enables the application of lessons learned, leading to the application of appropriate planning and implementation of best practice techniques.


2m-pmc apply robust, proven processes to ensure that the business secures the best possible value for their investment and realises the greatest possible benefits.

The target focus areas to ensure delivery and achieve success are:-

The scope must be clearly defined and agreed, as any change in scope will inevitably lead to change from the original Business Case.

Control of costs are critical in maintaining the economic viability of an undertaking or business venture.

The quality of the output is a key element of the success of any endeavour, as if the output does not meet quality expectations, then the basis of the investment decision may be compromised.

Monitor and control of the schedule drives the delivery of the benefits. If the schedule is allowed to slip, opportunities may be lost, timing of product launch may be compromised, costs may increase.

Risk Management and mitigation is a major area where focus is required to ensure that the business and its operation remains as effective and as profitable as possible

Maximising the outputs, in terms of achieving the benefits from the strategic plans, investment and application of resources is the primary aim of the business.

2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Project Management 2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Project Management


2m-pmc offers our clients a bespoke Project Management Consultancy capability to work with and assist the business in the creation, implementation and execution of projects and ongoing strategic planning.

To improve, or maintain, a market position, all businesses must go through continual change processes - and this change needs to be planned, managed and controlled in a structured, repeatable and logical manner.

2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Project Management


2m-pmc apply industry leading, best-in-class project management processes, procedures and solutions to ensure that a business - or the specific programme and portfolio of projects, remains on track.

With extensive experience across a range of projects and industries, 2m-pmc will work with the Client’s in-house processes, or we are able to build a fit-for-purpose Project Management System, that allows the business to take part in and take ownership of the Project Management function. 2m-pmc will then support this capability on an on-going basis to add a degree of independence, but also to bring a wealth of project delivery and project management skills to the business in the most cost effective manner.

2m-pmc support the project function across the full project life cycle to cover typical project phases and stages, to include:-

In working with the Client, we identify the driving success factors and key performance indicators - upon which the business will then assess its performance and on-going degree of success. Through alignment of Project Management Consultancy with the Strategic Planning of the business, 2m-pmc are a true business partner.

2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Project Management


2m-pmc bring an outstanding level of experience, expertise, project management and strategic business development to our clients and offer this to enable the business to focus on its core functions.

We support the planning and ongoing execution of the strategies that are designed to bring sustainable growth and improving levels of performance.

Project Management