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2m-pmc : Management Consultants - Strategic Planning 2m-pmc - Management Consultants
2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Strategic Planning



2m-pmc core functions involve all elements of a business structure, the strategic plan and project lifecycle.

Commencing with an initial idea or corporate vision, 2m-pmc provides invaluable support through the creation and development of the strategic plan and verification of the Business Case throughout the project management of the implementation and operational phase.

Our extensive experience across a range of industries and businesses enables the application of lessons learned, leading to the application of appropriate planning and implementation of best practice techniques.

Basing the review on the “7s” model of organisational structure, this ensures that the business is aligned and balanced across the key dimensions of operation and function - to ensure that the business is aligned to deliver success and achieve its Strategic Objectives

2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Strategic Planning 2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Strategic Planning


The key to continued business success is to maintain a Competitive Advantage - based on a sound, structured and realistic Strategic Plan.

At 2m-pmc, we are able to work with Clients in these 2 business critical areas.

Many businesses create and spend time and resource creating Vision Statements and Mission Statements. Whilst these may help the business feel good about themselves, such statements are often nothing more than a loose dream, an aspiration or a distorted vision of where the business thinks it is, or where it feels it needs to be.

2m-pmc will help the business to fully describe and define their Strategic Plan - covering 12 fundamental aspects required to define a coherent strategy. This structured approach creates a Strategic Plan that is SMART [Specific : Measurable : Achievable : Relevant : Time Bound] and can therefore be managed, reported, measured and interrogated to establish the ongoing effectiveness. Recognised Project Management techniques can then be applied to track and support the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Strategic Planning


The Strategic Plan is subject to risk management and sensitivity analyses, thus providing a robust means to assess the probabilistic outcomes, based on the deterministic projection. A range of scenarios and approaches can be analysed and an optimum approach adapted to align with the business approach to desired outcome, attitude to risk, level of investment etc….

This structured approach provides a means to identify early warning signs should the Strategic Plan veer off course and corrective actions can be implemented at the earliest stages, thus protecting the business from misplaced expenditure or ineffective allocation of resources.

Working with the business, utilising and referring to leading best practice, verified research and proven models, 2m-pmc will build a Strategic Plan with the business that will seek to guarantee success, ensuring that the business has the best chance of securing a Competitive Advantage, and thus protect or enhance its position in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive global arena.

2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Strategic Planning


2m-pmc applies the principals of Competitive Advantage and strips down the operation of the business into a value chain.

Each element in the value chain has the potential to contribute to the success of the business, and the application of activity based costing is applied to develop this strategy.

As the execution of activities turn a strategy into an operational function, all those involved in the execution of activities are directly engaged in the Strategy. Many businesses or strategic plans fail due to the inability of the business to turn the strategy into specific actions or activities….. 2m-pmc will work with the business to bridge the gap between the strategy and the implementation.

2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Strategic Planning


Common mistakes and errors in the development of Strategic Plans are that they are based on flawed assumptions in areas like costs and price - that are invariably wrong.

A more appropriate approach is to develop a detailed understanding of the structure of their specific industry and the elements at work that form the opportunities to identify and maximise the Competitive Advantage.

2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Strategic Planning


A business cannot interrogate or define their Competitive Advantage by taking an holistic overview of the business, successful Competitive Advantage can only be optimised by detailed activity and work-flow analysis. The links, channels and processes, and their interdependencies are where a business can optimise the opportunities for Competitive Advantage and the Value Chain approach provides the means to identify where the Competitive Advantage is created.

This then allows the business to understand where their value lies, and how they can protect and enhance their market position.

2m-pmc provide the guidance and direction to the Business - so that the Executive retain ownership of the Strategy, as it is through their intimate knowledge, supported by all those involved in the business, that the Strategy is created and successfully implemented.

2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Strategic Planning


Whether the business is a large multi-national or a Small to Medium Enterprise, [SME], the principals and formulations of the Strategic Planning processes are applied to derive a be-spoke, business specific route to align with needs of the business and the existing operational procedures.

2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Strategic Planning 2m-pmc : Management Consultants : Strategic Planning