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Project Management Consultants

Engineering Specialists

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Our core business involves all stages of the project lifecycle including feasibility studies, capital investment appraisal and business case justifications, front-end engineering and detailed design, right through to full turnkey project completion.

Our extensive experience across a wide range of industries enables cross-fertilisation of ideas and the application of best practice or bespoke solutions. Our up to date knowledge and translation of current legislation allows 2m-pmc to provide practical, value driven advice.


2m-pmc are able to take a Concept or a Scope of Requirement and turn this into a clearly defined, executable set of stages, phases, scopes and deliverables, by applying experience and detailed knowledge of the particular industry sector requirements.

Engineering principles, processes, Basis of Design and functional specification requirements form the framework on which 2m-pmc deliver a technically robust, verified and auditable solution.  Recognising the requirements of applicable legislation and environmental requirements supports the delivery the best engineering solution to a particular challenge.


The initial Study and Concept Stage and Front End Engineering Design of a project is the route through which the viability of the project or investment is determined. Through this process  options and alternatives are define to scope the project, leading to the initial project cost estimates and schedule.

The benefits of Front End Loading are demonstrable and greatly improve the chances of delivering project success. 2m-pmc are able to frame and manage study and concept development, ensuring the best solution is progressed and true value from the investment is achieved



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The Strategic Cycle is an approach to Strategic Management that combines strategic logic - via detailed reviews, plans and identification of objectives, through an aesthetic, interpretative and creative process to bring the strategy to life.  

2m-pmc continues to support the business in the development of a detailed and viable business case and provides critical project management support to maintain focus on the objectives and to ensure that the…benefits are delivered.


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