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2m-pmc are able to take a Concept or a Scope of Requirement and turn this into a clearly defined, executable set of stages, phases, scopes and deliverables, by applying experience and detailed knowledge of the particular industry sector requirements.

Engineering principles, processes, Basis of Design and functional specification requirements form the framework on which 2m-pmc deliver a technically robust, verified and auditable solution.  

Recognising the requirements of applicable legislation and environmental requirements supports the delivery the best engineering solution to a particular challenge.

We provide the exclusive 2m -Technical Engineering and Construction Support (2m-TECS) service to work in conjunction with the Client’s existing design, engineering and field construction teams to assist in achieving timely and cost effective project completion.


Our engineering capabilities and resource support services include Project Engineering and the various Discipline Engineering roles with experience in the design development and detailed engineering of projects.

Through TECS we provide on-site engineering support by providing the critical link between the design and construction of major projects.

Our personnel have recognised technical qualifications and proven practical experience to work across the varied phases of engineering, fabrication, implementation and construction, providing our Clients with a single source solution for their project execution requirements.


Our construction personnel have, in general, served a UK based, industry recognised 4-year apprenticeship. Our team members are experienced in working with engineering and fabrication specifications and drawings and they are more than capable of working individually or as part of a specific project management team.

TECS offer teams of construction supervisors and tradesmen, including platers, pipe-fitters and multi-coded welders, with experience in Shipbuilding, Ship-repair, Marine installations, the Oil and Gas Production and Processing industries and related Petro-chemical and Refinery industries.

Site Supervision

2m-TECS approach to securing on-time delivery is to utilise high quality, experienced personnel in key Engineering, Management and Supervisory positions, thus bringing a wealth of technical ability and project delivery experience to the Clients’ project execution team.

2m-TECS has proven to be particularly successful where iinexperienced, or low cost operatives are engaged on a project. Using such operatives requires direct leadership and project coordination in the execution of the specific tasks.

Through the provision of qualified and experienced construction management and supervisory personnel, we are able to provide the direction and leadership required. Working closely with the Client we are able to ensure work scope completion and project delivery is achieved in accordance with the project execution plan, whilst maintaining the required level of quality.

Spec-Built Solutions

In association with the Client, will progress through extensive vetting, review and assessment procedures to ensure that the Client receives the highest quality of personnel and the best-in-class support services appropriate to the work in hand.

Through extensive experience in these industries, 2m-TECS are able to undertake scope reviews, develop individual proposals and specify defined solutions for various and complex elements of each individual project.

2m-TECS work with our Clients to ensure the schedule is maintained and the project completion dates are achieved, or improved, wherever possible.

Capabilities include Project Management and Project Engineering support, through to site management of construction personnel, with the professional experience and technical qualifications to work with, and on behalf of, the major Operators, Engineering Contractors and specialist engineering and fabrication companies.


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